Random Musings of a Singapore Comedian

Headlining @ Thursday Talk Cock (3rd Sep 2015)


I’m headlining Thursday Talk Cock this Thursday, 3rd September 2015. I’ll be doing a bunch of new(er) material that I’ve been polishing up the past few weeks – it’ll be fun & fresh.

So come down to Blu Jaz Cafe for a laughter-filled “bridge” to the weekend! Click here for tickets

Headlining @ Comedy Masala this Tuesday (25th August 2015)

I’m headlining Comedy Masala this coming Tuesday, 25th August 2015. Also featuring is my friend B.Mark Seabrooks, who is back in Singapore to teach a screenwriting course. Great to share the stage with him again! So if you’re free this Tuesday, come down to Hero’s (69 Circular Road)… show details are in the poster above.Continue Reading

Upcoming gigs in UK

After spending a week in Holland & Germany, I’m back in the UK (London & Edinburgh) for the next week-and-a-half — vacationing in the day and gigging at night. Here’s my gig schedule (which will be updated accordingly as I book them)… Thu 6th Aug — The Comedy Store London Fri 7th Aug — ComedyContinue Reading

Beating “London’s Most Brutal Open-Mic Night”

Last night I took part in the King Gong show at the Comedy Store – widely known as “London’s most brutal open-mic night”. It’s also the main avenue for new acts in London to get their foot-in-the-door at the prestigious Comedy Store. As a comic seeking stage-time in London, naturally I signed myself up. UnlikeContinue Reading

Long time no update! :P

Wow, time flies. (Especially when you’re procrastinating.) It’s been 3 years since I last blogged. No excuses, time to get back on the horse. I’m about to go on a semi-vacation to Europe. It’s a “semi-vacation” because, as a comic, naturally I’ll be seeking out as many opportunities as I can to hit the stageContinue Reading

Jinx Yeo gets “STOMP-ed”!

Yes, I got STOMP-ed. Here’s the story… Background: As most Singaporeans would know, “STOMP” is a popular website in Singapore. In theory, STOMP is supposed to be a citizen journalism website. But in practice, it’s basically a tattle-tale website… where Singaporeans snitch on each other over the most trivial things. So… how did I getContinue Reading

The First Post!

Woohoo! My blog is finally up. I’m not a techie person, so please be patient with me… as I figure this blogging thing out, I’ll be posting updates, videos, and other (hopefully) awesome stuff soon!Continue Reading