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Catch Jinx Yeo's NEW 2017 stand-up comedy show -- "Abnormal Asian"!

Coming to Australia & UK...

Jinx Yeo's Upcoming Comedy Shows
City/Country Dates / Time Show / Venue Details & Tickets
HONG KONG 7-8 July 2017,
1st Asia International Comedy Festival
@ TakeOut Comedy Club
Click here
SINGAPORE 13-15 July 2017, 8pm Melbourne International Comedy Festival Roadshow @ KC Arts Centre  Click here
SINGAPORE 19-20 July 2017,

Abnormal Asian (all-new 2017 show) @ Blu Jaz Cafe (3rd level) Wed 19 July - Click here

Thu 20 July - Click here
KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia 21-22 July 2017,
Crackhouse Comedy Club  Click here
EDINBURGH, UK Edinburgh Fringe
3-27 Aug 2017,
Abnormal Asian (all-new 2017 show)
Laughing Horse @ Espionage (Kasbar)

Click here

(Note: tickets are FREE - but limited by venue capacity - so book your FREE ticket to guarantee entry)

YANGON, Myanmar 3 Oct 2017, 9pm 50th Street Cafe Restaurant Bar  
KAMPOT, Cambodia 18 Oct 2017, 8.30pm Comedy Club Cambodia  
PHNOM PENH, Cambodia 19-20 Oct 2017, 8.30pm Comedy Club Cambodia  
SIEM REAP, Cambodia 21 Oct 2017, 8.30pm Comedy Club Cambodia  
TOKYO, Japan 8 Nov 2017, 8pm Stand-Up Tokyo  
KARACHI, Pakistan 23-25 Nov 2017 Comedy Masala Pakistan  
DHAKA, Bangladesh 1 Dec 2017 TBA  

About Jinx Yeo

"The Comedy surprise discovery of this Fringe"

Jinx Yeo is an award-winning Singaporean comedian. His hard-hitting punchlines, effortless delivery, and clever material won him 1st Runner-Up at the Hong Kong International Comedy Festival (2011)... and... Finalist in the America Meet World Global Comedy Competition (2014).

"Identifies the perfect East-West fusion"
★★★★ Herald Sun

Jinx's TV appearances include Comedy Central Asia (where he was “Comedian of the Month” for June 2015)… Channel 5’s “Ok Chope”… as well as ABCTV’s “Comedy Up Late” (recorded at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2017).

"Goes for the jugular... a breath of fresh air from the usual japes"
- TODAYonline

Birthed from intercourse between his strict conservative Asian upbringing, and anti-authoritarian Hippie influences from studying in America... Jinx's comedy offers a fresh perspective that hasn't been covered by many comedians, partly because Singaporeans have often been stereotyped as humourless and regimented people.

“The standout act was Singaporean Jinx Yeo”
- EVENTalaide

Having entertained sold-out crowds in 16 countries (such as Australia, China, New Zealand, India, UK, and even Germany) over 3 continents… Jinx’s comedy is based on observations and experiences that are widely relatable - not just to Asians, but to audiences of other backgrounds and ethnicities as well.

"Hit all the right notes... hugely enjoyable"
- Collage

Jinx has a diverse arsenal of hilarious and original material, that enables him to adapt his performances to a wide range of audiences – young or old, foreigners or locals, club gigs or corporate shows. His side-splitting stories, sharp observations, and bewildering imagination leaves audiences in stitches.

"Fresh and well-observed... highly enjoyable with plenty of great material"
- Arts Award Voice

Jinx Yeo will be touring his NEW 2017 stand-up comedy show “Abnormal Asian” in various international cities. Enjoy huge belly laughs with this new stand-up comedy hour - from one of Asia’s funniest comedians.

Check out Jinx Yeo's schedule above, and catch him when he’s in your city!